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Second skin: It is a self adhesive that acts like a protective barrier for your tattoo and allows it to heal without the need for additional aftercare products. We usually recommend that you keep it on for between 1-3 days. If you notice any redness or excessive blood under the second skin, remove immediately and if irritation persists, contact your artist and/or a medical professional as some people have allergic reactions to adhesive. When it’s time to remove the second skin, do this in the shower and clean it properly and thoroughly with plain hot water.



Aftercare product recommendation: We are all for natural products! Our number one choice for after care is Inky tattoo salve which can be purchased in our own shop or their website. It is vegan and natural and we find it helps your skin heal really well. 



The healing period: During the first days of healing you will notice that the top layer of your tattoo will begin to flake off just like a scab which is completely normal. This process could take one or two weeks, but while the tattoo is still flaking you must take care to avoid any scratching or circumstances that could lead to scabs coming off before they are ready as this could lead to patchiness in the tattoo or even an infection. Once the top layer of your tattoo has completely flaked off to reveal smooth fresh skin underneath, you will be able to ease up on the aftercare a bit, however we still recommend moisturising and taking care of it for a full month. This is due to the skin’s life-cycle which can take up to 6 weeks in total. During this first 6 weeks your tattoo may still look a little shiny and might even still be a bit itchy, but after this time it should be well and truly completely healed. 


Touch ups: Touch ups are free when some of the tattoo lines fade or disappear during the healing process. Please send us a photo to assess if your tattoo needs a touch up. If you want to change your tattoo, for example add more details, make it darker, make some lines thicker or change the design in any way that is different from the original one, this is not a touch up and you’d need a new paid and longer appointment for it. Tattoos on your fingers, wrists, knees, joints, ankles have a difficult cicatrisation and might deteriorate in a short period of time - for that reason touch ups on these areas are not free. 


Additional general recommendations:

  • Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water

  • After removing second skin, avoid covering your new tattoo, let the skin breathe so it can heal

  • Wash it daily and massage a thin layer of the after care of your choice

  • Do not scratch it, do not peel any skin off your tattoo

  • Avoid sun exposure and swimming for the healing period

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