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Tattoohers booking policy

After we have spoken about the design + you’re happy with the quote + we have allocated an appointment for you, to finalize your booking we kindly ask for a $55-110 non-refundable deposit for the appointment. The amount varies between artists, please check with yours. This amount will be deducted from the full price of the tattoo(s). 


The deposits are non-refundable. Some occasions which your deposit might be forfeited:

  • You don’t show to your appointment;

  • You don’t give enough notice before rescheduling or cancelling your appointment (at least 48 hours). 

  • You reschedule more than 2 times. 


If your tattoo design is a specific custom, your deposit might or might not include a drawing fee of $50, but your artist will flag that information if that fee is needed. The designs are usually sent via email a couple of days before the appointment, you can send suggestions to change it and there is also time allowed on the appointment to make a few changes to the design. There are some situations which the design will be drawn along with the client at the day of the appointment. Some extra info about this:


  • If you change the design concept completely, a drawing fee will be needed (your artist will discuss that with you). 

  • If you want your tattoo design to be sent earlier than a couple of days before your appointment, an urgent drawing fee will be needed as we will have to stop working on the current designs to work on yours.


We offer one free touch up for tattoos if needed (that will be decided between you and your artist after you have sent a healed photo) and this must be requested up to three months after the original tattoo appointment. Some extra info about this:

  • We do not offer free touch up for fingers, this is due to the fact that fingers tend to fade most of the time, so these touch ups are charged.

  • Finger touch ups + touch ups that are booked after three months of the original appointment + touch ups in tattoos that are not done by us will be charged between $50-$150, depending on the original tattoo size and detailing. 

  • Touch ups are free to go over the lines or shading when they have faded or become inconsistent during the healing process. This is not to change anything on the original design - if your request is to get the lines thicker, or darker, or add anything to the design, you'd need a regular tattoo appointment and it will be a paid appointment.


If there are any extra questions, feel free to get in touch and happy tattooing!

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