Frequent asked questions

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

You can either use the booking page or send me an email directly at


Where do you work?

I work in my private studio which is located in Fitzroy. I work by appointment only! 


How much does it cost?

My work is quoted by the individual piece, I don’t work with hour rates. The price always depend on size, details and placement. If you send me an email, I will reply with my price guide so you’ll have an idea of what the cost will look like. The minimum charge is $150. To avoid cancellations and changes with short notice, I request a deposit of $50 to book the appointment. This deposit is non refundable but can be used to reschedule the appointment if you advise with 48 hours notice. And the $50 deposit also covers my time preparing your design. 


Do you do commission pieces?

Yes. If you would like to have a design made by me and tattooed by someone else, get in touch via the booking page. Make sure your tattoo artist know that you have paid for your art. 

Do you only tattoo designs made by you?

Yes. I have my own style and the creation process is also something I really enjoy. This is also an ethical issue, I don’t find appropriate to tattoo someone else’s work without their consent. Although, if you like an illustration of a different artist and have paid a tattoo ticket (a fee that illustrators charge so you can tattoo their artworks), I am happy to tattoo if I feel that it fits my style. 

What do I need to tell you about the design that I want to tattoo?

Please try to include on your email the size (so I can quote accordingly), placement (although this can change, it might affect the price as some places take more time and are more difficult to tattoo) and lots of information about the design. You can send me a lot of references (including mine), photos, phrases, any story that would help me to be inspired, anything! 


When will I see my design?

Most of the time I will send a design via email so we can get approved before the appointment, but sometimes and specially if it’s a simple design you will only see it on the day of the appointment. There will always be time to adjust the design until you are happy with it!

Do you do retouches?

Yes, retouches are always free within 3 months of the first tattoo. Exceptions exists for tattoos on fingers and hands because these are places that will very much likely fade. 


How is your studio vegan?

I am vegan myself and only use products (soap, ink, etc) that were not tested on animals or have any animal products in it. 


talk to me

get in touch to check availability of my work and get a quote.


169-171 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy 

0451 101 743

opening hours

mon-fri 10-6pm 

sat/sun or after hours
by appointment


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